1st May, World Workers Day 2018

The theme of international workers day is “Uniting Workers for Social and Economic Advancement”. Workers’ day is celebrated worldwide on a global level to encourage and promote working community all over the world on May 1st. May 1st is a national holiday in most of the countries and declared as a national holiday for all the working communities. Only in Canada and US, workers day is celebrating every year in 1st Monday of September to celebrate the achievements of workers and workers communities. Workers day is celebrating in over 80 countries over the world.

International workers day was first celebrated in Paris 1889 after taking into consideration the Haymarket affair taken place in Chicago, 1884.Four demonstrators were killed by a bomb blast done by an unidentified blaster in this massive strike which was carried out against the 8 hour working hour assigned to all the workers at that time.


Workers day is celebrated intending to;

  • Finish the struggle of 8 working hours which was started at the Haymarket affair from that time already. In the earlier days, working hours was 10-16 hours, and they had to work under unsafe conditions of workplaces, and there were many injuries, deaths of workers in large numbers.
  • Celebrate achievements obtained by workers communities so far.
  • Raise voice against workers’ deaths taking place in working places.
  • Celebrate demonstrators who were killed and injured in Haymarket affair in 1884.

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