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1st May, World Workers Day 2018

Posted on May 1, 2018

The theme of international workers day is “Uniting Workers for Social and Economic Advancement”. Workers’ day is celebrated worldwide on a global level to encourage and promote working community all over the world on May 1st. May 1st is a national holiday in most of the countries and declared as a national holiday for all […]

Everything you need to know about ISO

ISO started from the union of ISO and the UNSCC. During 1946, 25 countries conducted a meeting at the Civil Engineers London Institute to form a new global organisation, where the aim was to facilitate the global coordination of industrial levels and standards. ISO was officially formed in February 1947 and is considered to be […]

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Why companies should get certified with IAF approved boards

  Getting certified by IAF approved boards is a frequently needed requirement to operate in the international marketplace successfully. Not only does this confirm compliance with standards, practice codes, and regulatory needs, but it also results in improvements to internal business operations.         However, choosing the right company to help you get […]

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