Confidentiality 27001:2013

For any business or an organisation, Information is a valuable asset that can make or break your business. When properly managed it allows you to operate with confidence because when information is being collected regarding any company or any organisation, it becomes essential to secure it. Information security management gives you the freedom to grow, innovate and broaden your customer- base in the knowledge that all your confidential information will remain that way.

With increasingly powerful software and hardware, developing use, network connections and especially public access to the Internet, the need to ensure the security of data and equipment increases. Sometimes with increased access to the internet, restriction of the amount of data accessible to the people should be monitored internally as well as externally.


Organizations today require information security management systems that ensure security, reliability, and quality for their clients. At TQCAS, we are here to help you make this possible.

An organisation which primarily are into data and information collection should be making sure information isn’t made available to people or organisation who don’t have the authorisation to see it.

This applies to sensitive information that is intended for use by a specific group of authorised personnel within an organisation and business partners, assigned on a need-to-use basis and for the authorised intended purpose. The unauthorised disclosure, modification or destruction of this kind of information would adversely affect the business performance or the continuity of operations.

Inappropriate release of “CONFIDENTIAL” information could cause inconvenience to individuals, and result in limited financial loss or damage to standing or reputation at the unit level. So, it becomes utmost important for the top management to ensure that the confidential information should be kept the secret

with security kept as a priority.

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