What s ISO 22301:2012?

ISO 22301:2012 is also known as Business continuity management System (BCMS). It is an internationally accepted standard as it provides a practical framework for deriving and managing an effective business continuity management system. ISO 22301:2012 is developed to protect companies from the risks associated with downtime which can occur due to unexpected interruptions or failures. This kind of outages can result in revenue loss; data risk breakdowns.

Benefits of ISO 22301:2012

  • With ISO 22301:2012 implemented in an organisation, it nominates the organisation as to be inclined to take steps that are necessary to ensure superior quality, performance as compared to the highest measurements. In business continuity, adherence to a particular standard also shows a commitment of an organisation to protectits employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders from unexpected fatal events.
  • Every organisation which aims at implementing ISO 22301:2012 needs to ensure that the standard is applied Now, effective business continuity management means that the organisation can provide continuity in the delivery of its products and services, and perform activities with an utmost efficiency that is critical to successful continuing of operations. These activities protect the business’s income stream and reduce the risk of further losses due to an incident or disaster.
  • Implementing a Business Continuity (ISO 22301:2012) involves thorough assessment and evaluation of organisational processes, which identifies potential problems that can impact the organisation’s performance but can also be improved. An ISO 22031:2012 implementation project involves the entire business, and helps the organisation focus on its objectives.
  • Today, there is an increase in the trend of business partners (customers, suppliers, subcontractors, so on) demanding proof that their partners are prepared for sudden events. Evidence of a well-implemented business continuity program can make the difference between winning a bid and closing a deal, or not. Not only this, with ISO 22301:2012 in your organisation, will open new opportunities and new markets as there will increase trust and confidence level in the organisation’s work pattern.

How TQCAS helps you achieve Unique Values of ISO 22301:2012?

Unlike other consultants, TQCAS focuses on delivering the unique values of ISO 22301:2012. This includes understanding all gaps that the organization has to achieve its objectives which are not only achieving ISO certificates but also achieving other objectives that help in accomplishing the mission of the organization.

No matter how small or big your company is, ISO 22301 can benefit you by sending the message to all interested parties of yours that you are competent enough to provide goods and services worldwide and this will lead to higher confidence in all your interested parties.

All stages of the methodology are listed below:

  • Planning
  • Auditing
  • Implementation
  • Improvement