What is Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is considered as the globally accepted and systematic approach for minimising waste inside a production process system without decreasing productivity. The lean manufacturing system offers additional value through minimizing everything else which interrupt to add value.

The Lean Manufacturing management philosophy is originated from the Toyota Production System plus recognised as “Lean” particularly in the 1990s.

Toyota Production System (TPS) is notable for its reduction of wastes efficiently that increase customer value and satisfaction, however, there are diverse views on how that is best accomplished. The idea about the lean production is truly pretty simple plus it works on reducing waste from the production process.

Implementing the Lean Manufacturing approach requires an organisation to have the inclusive workforce that is associated with focused attention. The Lean Manufacturing system requires an organisation to call for cultural change and concentrates on eliminating wastes that result in improved profitability of the organisation.

Performing the lean manufacturing practices plus additional production best practices that allow an organisation to enhance and empower them to produce top quality products at remarkably cheaper costs.

What are the Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

Several organisations produce products or raw materials which are not provided for quick sale plus they are not aimed at stocking. Hence it results in wastage where the surplus inventory might require to be stored that consume extra space and leads to a loss for the company.

  • Lean Manufacturing system helps an organisation to reduce the lazy time between the operations. Hence, it results in improving the productivity of the processes.
  • Lean Manufacturing process stops shifting material that is more than needed plus it will help an organisation with less wastage of transportation that leads to saving extra cost.
  • This process helps an organisation to reduce excess stocks through all stage that minimise wastage including blocking of money.
  • The Lean Manufacturing also helps an organisation to the prevention of mistakes that will lead to eliminating of rework.

How TQCAS helps you achieve ISO 9001:2015?

Consultants like TQA, helps every organization in achieving the quality in their system and the trust certificate from accredited bodies worldwide. Since, QMS is made keeping in mind all industries, it can be attained by any size of organization and of any industry.

No matter how small or big your company is, ISO 9001 can benefit you by sending the message to all interested parties of yours that you are competent enough to provide goods and services worldwide in the international standard and this will lead to higher confidence in all of your interested parties.

Step 1 – Planning: To make sure all the requirements of the standard is fulfilled, proper plan has to be laid out so as to make.

Step 2 – Auditing: If the implementation phase is an important step, auditing phase also plays a vital role making sure.

Step 3 -Implementation: Our implementation phase is an effective and a result-oriented process which transfers the.

Step 4 – Improvement: Our responsibilities don’t end with the auditing phase as we believe long-term association the