Measurement Tractability according to ISO 9001:2015

Today’s systems are highly advanced, with precision hardware and software as the benchmark for measurement. The requirement of calibration and traceability of measuring equipment is, therefore, of increased importance. The concept of traceability is that a measurement result is based on comparison with an SI rather
then a statement of quantity.

ISO 9001:2015 is focused on Risk-based thinking. Calibration is intrinsic in Risk-
based thinking. The fitness of measuring resource is verified by comparing its performance with the performance of measurement standards having higher accuracy and resolution than the measuring source. The lower level of
measurement standard is popularly known as working standard.

The fitness of the working standards is also verified by comparing it with next higher level of standard.Fundamentally, measurement is a process which checks whether something is correct within a set of specified limits. A decision on the results is based on whether the device being measured is inside or outside those limits.


Measurement traceability is important because it gives you confidence and assurance that your measurement results agree with national or international standards within the statement of uncertainty in measurement.

The important thing to remember is the results you report to your customers may be used to provide calibrations, perform tests, manufacture products, or make decisions which could affect health & safety. Measurement traceability can have a direct impact on the uncertainty of your measurement results.

The traceability of measurements needs not only to be valid but also to be presented to the customer. Calibration reports, besides presenting the calibration results, also provide evidence about the traceability of the measurements.

Calibration reports must always contain a statement in order to prove the unbreakable chain of comparisons to national standards. Therefore, measurement traceability is an important aspect, with respect to ISO 9001:2015, in any organization.

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