Non Conformity – ISO 9001:2015

In quality management system (QMS), a non-conformity is a deviation from a specification, a standard, or an expectation. A non-conformity is any failure to meet a requirement. A requirement can be that of a customer’s, statutory or regulatory body, ISO 9001 or your organisation.

ISO 9001:2015 standard wants an organisation to identify non-conformity, identify correction, determine the cause for the Non-Conformance, evaluate the possibility of taking corrective actions, take corrective actions and assessing the effectiveness of the corrective actions.

In an organisation, you may find a non-conformance in service, a product, a process, from a supplier, or in the system itself. It occurs when something does not meet the specifications or requirements in some way. And this non-conformance Does not depend on the size or type of business.


Any non-conformity at any stage in the entire process, from raw material to the processing to the end product, can affect our product performance or services or business growth.


When a non-conformity occurs, including those arising from complaints, the
organisation must:
 React to the nonconformity, and as applicable
 Evaluate the need for action to eliminate the causes of the rejection so it does not recur or occur elsewhere

 Implement any work needed,
 Review the effectiveness of any corrective action taken
 Update risks and opportunities determined during planning, if necessary
 Make changes to the quality management system, if necessary.

How effectively you address a non-conformity may become a distinguishing factor between a successful and not so successful company. Thus, for an organisation checking for any non-conformity in the processes & the corrective actions are taken plays a significant role in its success.


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