TQCAS Believes in understanding the current capability of the organization to assist it in implementing management systems. For this Planning phase plays a vital role in it. Below are the steps that are part of the Planning phase:

  1. Gap Analysis: Thorough analysis is performed to get the complete information of all departments and processes that are being followed in them.
  2. Gap Analysis Report: A report is prepared to communicate all requirements and planning steps that are vital for the effective implementation.

Once the detailed observation is being provided to the management, it enables both TQCAS and management of the organization to set up milestones for the achievement of the management system and all benefits that are related to it.

Minimum 1 week is required to perform the concentrated and process-centric gap analysis that includes:

  1. Assessing all departments as per management system requirement.
  2. Identifying all weak areas in the organization.
  3. Organizing it in a report format.
  4. Setting up milestones for the achievement of the management system.

The analysis segment of our planning phase provides the groundwork for a personalized report as per the requirement of our clients without affecting the operations of the client’s organization.