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Non Conformity – ISO 9001:2015

In quality management system (QMS), a non-conformity is a deviation from a specification, a standard, or an expectation. A non-conformity is any failure to meet a requirement. A requirement can be that of a customer’s, statutory or regulatory body, ISO 9001 or your organisation. ISO 9001:2015 standard wants an organisation to identify non-conformity, identify correction, determine the cause for […]

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Measurement Tractability according to ISO 9001:2015

Today’s systems are highly advanced, with precision hardware and software as the benchmark for measurement. The requirement of calibration and traceability of measuring equipment is, therefore, of increased importance. The concept of traceability is that a measurement result is based on comparison with an SI rather then a statement of quantity. ISO 9001:2015 is focused […]

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Continual Improvement, ISO 9001:2015

A continual improvement process is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. Your ability to meet your customer’s requirements is constantly being evaluated and improved in to deliver more efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. The term continual improvement is used to identify the need to systematically improve different processes within the QMS in order to provide improvements overall. It is wrong […]

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