Who all are Interested parties?

Interested describes the desire of a person or group of people or organizations towards an object, service or product or organization or method or any other thing that is related to them.

Discussing about the meaning of interested parties in context of ISO 9001:2015, it describes about all those parties that can affect the strategy or daily activities of an organization to achieve its business objective. In this scenario, the interested party can be any of the stakeholder like employees, vendors, customers and other parties like taxation department, regulatory bodies, statutory bodies and other parties.

This enables the organization to understand that who can affect their overall performance in both short and long terms. By identifying all interested parties, an organization can make a strategy according to the needs and expectations of these interested parties as this will remove all barriers that can stop or slow down the organization to achieve its business objective.

For this ISO 9001:2015 has provided a new clause 4.2 through which an organization can identify all its interested parties in a well-structured manner. This will not only list down all interested parties but will also help other departments like admin, HR, operations, IT, purchase, sales and marketing and other departments to identify all key vendors and supplies along with regulations to work with.

Through this exercise, all three levels of management can work in a processed manner and the information about all those parties that can affect their department can be identified.

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